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Véritable spécialiste de la construction soudée depuis plus de 50 ans !


Conception mécanique et thermique des équipements suivant les codes et normes internationaux.


Renouvelement régulier des Certifications ISO 9001,  ASME VIII Div. 1 (U Stamp), NB registration, …


Tests et contrôles réalisés suivant nos procédures conformes à nos systèmes qualités ou un organisme agréé.


Spécialisation dans les aciers Inox Austénitiques et Duplex | Alliages Nickel |Titane | Zirconium | Acier au Carbone | … et bien d’autres

120 T à 300 T

Capacité de levage

3 à 60 mm



Surface Atelier


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Storange Tank Chaudfontaine

CoVid-19 Management Statement

Dear Business Partners,

The health of our employees is of the utmost importance to all of Ortmans SA.
Our company started taking measures appropriate to the situation immediately following the emergence of the Coronavirus in Europe, drawing up recommended courses of action for its employees, suppliers, and partners.

Over the past weeks, rigorous measures have been implemented in many countries to contain the spread of the disease as quickly as possible.
Ortmans SA wholeheartedly supports and has fully implemented the sanitary measures as recommended by the Belgian Authorities and will implement further operational measures as and when required to protect our employees and participate in the imperative collective effort to defeat this virus in this fast changing environment.

Many Ortmans employees are currently working from home.
Our team in the production plant adapts itself to sanitary measures and shows an uninterrupted outstanding dedication to fulfilling our supply commitments to our valued customers.
We ask for your understanding if there are some delays in processing your project, but rest assured: Our entire Ortmans team, irrespective of their place of work, continues to be there for you in attending to your phone calls (1), your emails (2) and your requirements.

(1) Via the mobile phones of your usual contacts
(2) Via the email addresses of your usual contacts or

I wish you all staying healthy and safe!

Denis Ortmans